American Sweeping, Inc. provides service to a wide range of business, private and municipal clients. As an industry leader, and one of the largest sweeping contractors in the Midwest, we offer reliable and conscientious maintenance services performed by trained experts.

Through the years, American Sweeping has built a solid network of satisfied customers. We guarantee your personal satisfaction.

Our philosophy is simple: "You are the boss!! We're your partner, working in partnership with you to maintain your facility."
-- Gale T. Holsman, Jr., CEO

Scroll down to view our comprehensive array of professional services, or just click on the service you're interested in from the list below. You'll find we can assist with most any pavement-based cleaning or maintenance need for your property's exterior. If you don't see what you need, just ask. We probably do that, too!

Air Vacuum Sweeping

Mechanical Broom Sweeping

Street Flushing

Power Washing

Day Portering

Power Scrubbing

American Sweeping Services

Day Portering

Day Porter


Meticulous detail work such as the hand-picking of trash and litter from islands, grassy areas and sidewalks often benefits from the personal touch of our day porter services. Our day porter personnel are also available to change trash bag liners, clean trash cans, and any other work that needs to be done on your property to keep it looking at its best throughout the day. Return to top of page.


Air Vacuum Sweeping

Street Sweeper

Our air sweeper fleet can't be beat for picking up trash, litter, leaves and loose debris, such as paper and plastic bottles from parking areas. We offer a variety of sweeping programs, from 7-day-a-week sweeping services to on-call cleanup of emergency spills and accidents.

Let us know your need, and we'll help you determine the best solution possible.

Mechanical Broom Sweeper

broom sweeper

Our mechanical broom sweeper fleet can remove rock, mulch, sand, broken glass and packed-down dirt from streets and construction sites. Our broom fleet can handle the toughest roadway and construction site sweeping tasks.

Our Tennant broom sweepers perform the same duties as the street sweepers, but do so in smaller areas. They are used for a wide variety of inside sweeping duties in warehouses and new commercial building cleanup, as well as in smaller parking lots and low clearance parking garages

Street Flusher


Our high-pressure street flusher uses water to wash out curb lines and other large pavement surface areas quickly and efficiently. We can coordinate our street flushing equipment with our sweeping services. Return to top of page.

Power Washing

power washing

High-pressure hot water cleaning is often the best way to removing dirt, gum, grease and most stains. Our professional pressure washers utilize water up to 300 degrees have up to 3000 psi of pressure. If you have unsightly areas that might benefit from pressure washing,. This is a relatively inexpensive service that is highly effective. Return to top of page.

Power Scrubbing

Power Scrubber

American Sweeping offers power scrubbers that are ideal for cleaning flat, interior concrete surfaces. The machine can clean up to 10,000 square feet per hour. Return to top of page.